About Us

Like many great innovations, the idea of Hurricane originated from necessity, became a dream, and eventually a reality through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to providing a solution.

As a hands-on owner/operator of a professional lawn care operation for over twenty years I understand firsthand many of the challenges faced in daily operations. One particular problematic issue always causing frustration was effective debris removal. There just wasn’t a quality machine available for efficiently moving debris around vast properties. Our crews would spend countless hours and money – extra labor, multiple blowers, field parts, and excess fuel – removing debris from only a few sites. Whether it was parking lots and sidewalks that “must be clipping free” or the removal of nature’s blanket of leaves, we were carrying extra equipment, manpower, and fuel just to try to get it done proper.

By 2008 I was determined to build the “perfect” machine. Hurricane, Inc. was born and began the quest to provide the professionals a practical, well-built piece of equipment to simplify debris removal. Today, Hurricane Inc. has designed a series of debris blowers to handle everything that a lawn care company would desire in a state-of-the-art compact machine. Made in the USA and constructed with quality and pride, Hurricane is dedicated to building the best equipment for debris clean up in the industry.

Not always the cheapest, but always worth the money. We purchase the best quality components from suppliers synonymous with our industry (brands you know and trust). Whenever possible, we manufacture in-house, further allowing us to insure attention to detail throughout the process. Finally, we partnered with premier distributors (KPM Exceptional, Blalock Machinery, and Pace) to deliver our product to the industry. Throughout the entire business model, we recognize the importance of servicing our customer, you.

We thank you for your interest in Hurricane and our products. Hurricane was founded on a commitment to provide a quality product we stand behind and I am proud to put my name on. From our humble beginning, today, and for tomorrow we will continue to provide solutions by refining our current and additional models and introducing new products to the industry, all of which help make your job easier, more efficient, and I will be proud to put my name on.

Rick Weihl
Founder / Owner